Puzzling it out

When my daughter was born seven years ago, I thought about how she was like a braiding of my history and my husband’s history.  All of our ancestry is tied together in her.  That is when I became interested in learning more about our family trees.

In the beginning, it was all about names and dates- this grandfather was born in that year, and so on.  Gradually, though, it changed.  I became more interested in the lives behind the names.  What was it like to travel in a covered wagon?  How did she feel when her mother died?  What does it mean to choose sides in a war?

Now, genealogy is like a scavenger hunt, but the treasures I find are snippets of real people.  I learn a little bit more with each census or death certificate, and every person in our tree becomes more a part of the people who are still living.

Genealogy is a puzzle, an addicting, amazing puzzle.  I love searching pieces and I look forward to sharing those pieces with you.



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